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music of the heart.

Today in my Music History class, I cried.

When I say that, it sounds extremely silly, but it was actually an awesome moment.

We just finished the chapter that exclusively covers Ludwig van Beethoven (you've know his fifth symphony since you could hear) and at the end of lecture, our professor played a YouTube video of a flashmob taking place on a normal day, of Beethoven's Ode to Joy. You may have seen it before, but if not here's a link:


Now that you've watched it,

This video expresses the joy of life that can be experienced through music. While the lucky people in the square that day may or may not have been musicians, they were people. Music is the language of all people. It's the best way to communicate every emotion, every joy, triumph, sorrow, and peaceful moment. Without it we would be a lost civilization.

God made music for us. This is why I pursue. This is what gives me the drive to participate in it, to listen to it, to learn about it, to perform it. Because people are touched, and to be the source of that, or to even be affected by it, is the greatest gift of all.



#Beethoven #Ninthsymphony #odetojoy #flashmob #music

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