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lean in.

We are within the last few weeks of the semester. It’s crunch time.

I am currently on annual tour with my university choir, sitting in a mall doing homework (or writing a blog post). This semester has been quite the draining one, between taking 18 hours, being cast in a production, and starting a new job.

I. Am. Tired.

And not just tired, I am exhausted, stressed, anxious, and just plain done. As much as I’m ready to quit and my body wants to sleep for a week, life keeps pulling and demanding that I give my all. Grades need to be maintained and responsibilities and obligations need to be upheld.

So instead of being miserable, I have decided to lean in.

Lean into the discomfort, lean into the madness.

One thing I’ve learned about myself throughout my undergraduate college career is that I have a threshold of discomfort that is difficult to pass. I hit a “wall”, a point where I don’t think I can continue working so I give up. I have found the threshold, and my next challenge is to power through it. Once I get to the other side I can pretty much conquer anything.

That’s why I’m leaning.

I have about two months until I leave for Urbania and all of this discomfort will finally be worth it. While I am still $3,000 short of my fundraising goal, I have raised and earned $5,000 already from private donations, my GoFundMe page, and working my booty off. It’s time to lean into the end of this chapter to prepare for the next one.

Please consider giving at

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