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Whether you are interested in learning a new skill, preparing for an audition or performance, building your vocal craft, or are just looking to rock at karaoke, voice lessons are for you!

The human voice is unquestionably the most nuanced and colorful instrument of them all. Every voice is as unique as the person it belongs to, and my work as a voice teacher will guide you to your truest voice, that honors your truest self. 

Classical, musical theatre, and contemporary genres are all more similar than you may think. The technique I teach is rooted in Bel Canto practices, and comes down to the breath, the vocal source, and the vocal tract. This approach is tried and true, and provides students from ages 6-69 with tangible and effective results.


No matter your chosen genre, your goals, or your background, we can work together to build your voice to its truest and healthiest function, and grow you to your most musical self.


Please visit the contact tab for more information, rates, or to schedule an online consultation. Don't be a stranger!


Andréa is a very personable instructor who makes sure to prioritize your level of comfort. As someone who never really tried to sing in front of others, Andréa made sure to make me feel confident in expressing my own voice and was very great in describing how to do certain techniques to better the voice. I am appreciative of the amount of effort and attention Andréa was able to spend with me during my time learning under her wing. Not to mention her amazing voice to top it all off. 10/10 recommend.

- Darren, 22

Andréa is so effortless and inspiring to work with - I always walk out of our lessons feeling like I learned so much and I'm always excited to keep working. She has an uncanny way of knowing exactly what you need when you're having trouble with something, and helped completely rework my belt in the span of maybe 5 minutes. Her infectious positivity and support always make for an equally fun and fulfilling learning environment!

- Julia, 19

I have been trained in Hungarian Folk singing from age 8. Andréa understood and accepted that my vocalizing techniques are different from the standard vocal techniques, and she knew that I was relying heavily on chest voice. She challenged me in a positive way and gave me specific vocal exercises with the aim of improving my head register. I learned new facts about the physiology of my voice, and each class was customized to help me grow. Throughout the sessions, I had the chance to experiment with new genres, step out of my comfort zone, increase my vocal range, and familiarize myself with useful breathing exercises. I found Andréa knowledgeable, ambitious and flexible. She is very passionate about her work and pays attention to small details. It has been a great pleasure taking her singing class. 

- Lili, 20

As someone never formally trained in voice, Andréa was really patient in teaching me a lot of valuable vocal techniques I still use to this day. She’s really good at encouraging successes and kindly giving pointers on how to improve... an empathetic teacher’s heart for sure! I feel way more confident in my singing thanks to Andréa!

- Scott, 26

Andréa has been such a key factor in my vocal growth! I have learned so many new things and my vocal tone and quality have improved tremendously. Going into lessons is always such a great part of my day because not only is she an amazing teacher but she genuinely wants to see each and everyone of her students grow. I never feel embarrassed when I hit a wrong note or feel scared of doing something wrong. So happy to have a voice teacher as amazing as Andréa! 

- Madison, 19

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